Sunday, November 21, 2010

An ancient art from India

YOGA, is the union between ‘Atma’ (the individual soul) and ‘Parmatma’ (the universal soul).
It is the union with oneself. 
Indian culture is a positive witness of those high percepts and ideals of life which were
followed and preserved by the high souls for upliftment of the society. Yoga is one such ancient Indian arts, still preserved in every home, in India.
An everyday Yoga, Pranayaam and Meditation are the key to a healthy body, mind and soul.
Yoga enhances your work efficiency as a result of soundness of health. It inculcates a sense of discipline. It also creates a tremendous power of resistance. But a sound body goes hand in hand with a sound mind and intellect. And meditation is the key to the ultimate success.
           Adopt a yogic way of life. Learn and practice yoga everyday.
       Make your family and friends learn this ancient art of good health.

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