The Yoga Lotus

Pranayama, yoga breathing exercises, are a great way to center yourself, and to enhance your health.
It’s a good idea to learn pranayama from a yoga instructor. Over-breathing, or breathing incorrectly during the exercises can cause dizziness and headaches.

Breathing is divided in to three areas:

1. Low Breath (Stomach or diaphragm)

2. Middle Breath (Chest and thoracic)

3. Upper Breath (Upper chest or clavicular)

A sound comes from back of throat and vibrates from toes to tummy

U sound comes from mouth and vibrates from tummy to throat

M sound is felt on the closed lips and vibrates from throat to top of the head

Five tips for Breathing and Stretching:
1. While stretching, Do not hold breath. Breathe deeply and slowly. Go with the flow and in rhythem with your movements.
2. While stretching, focus on relaxing the entire body, paying attention to tense areas.
3. If you want to go deeper into stretch, breathe and relax into it, without forcing in to it.
4. If a stretch hurts, avoid doing it.
5. One or two stretches done fully are more beneficial than rushing through many.