Kids Yoga

The Yoga Lotus


Yoga has been practiced for centuries. Today, it is popular even with kids, all over the world. It's a way of learning to become aware of our body and mind and how to make them work together. Kids who practice yoga, learn to breathe deeply. They begin to recognize the way their bodies move and to control and balance their movements. At the same time they learn to focus on the present moment and calm their minds, be it at home or school. 

Here is a playful introduction to simple yoga workouts for young children, It's a great way to discover a new art. Come kids, let's try Yoga! It's fun!
Today, in class, we’re going to say, What jobs our parents do each day.

1.     “My daddy is a Gardener,” Aditi said.

Let’s do a Tree pose. I call it Taad Asana.

Hurray for Aditi! She taught us to support ourselves with strong roots, so we can reach high & remain stable, yet be flexible at the same time.

2.     “My daddy is a Vet,” Nikhil said.

Let’s do a Dog pose. I call it Adho mukha svanasana.

Hurray for Nikhil! He taught us to be humble and accept our bodies as they are, our body becomes supple with practice and practice makes progress

3.     “My daddy is an Architect,” Olivia said.

 Let’s do a Triangle pose. I call it Trikona Asana.

Hurray for Olivia! Triangles are most stable of geometric shapes.Olivia taught us to be strong, to build a foundation of support and to relax under pressure. Triangles have 3 sides and 3 angles, just like we have 3 aspects – mind, body & spirit.

4.     “My daddy is a Pilot,” Sam said,

Let’s do an Airplane pose. I call it Deka Asana.

Hurray for Sam! He taught us to believe in ourselves so that we can soar through life. Practice both sides and don’t worry if u wobble.

5.     “My daddy is a Builder,” Audrey said.

Let’s do a Bridge pose. I call it Setu bandha Asana.

Hurray for Audrey! Bridge joins one place to another. Audrey taught us to remain strong as we move from one life stage to the next. She also taught us to be flexible, so that we don’t break when the winds of change are fierce.

6.     “My daddy is a Farmer,” Shantanu said.

Let’s do a Plow pose. I call it Hal Asana.

Hurray for Shantanu! Like the plow that turns the soil over to make way for new growth, Shantanu taught us that overturning old ways of seeing things sets the ground for inner growth. If we plow well, we can sow well, and reap the rewards of what we have planted.

7.     “My daddy is a Marine biologist,” Jocelyn said.

Let’s do a Fish pose. I call it Matsya Asana.

Hurray for Jocelyn! She taught us how to relax & accept the flow of life that carries & supports us on our journey. Don’t struggle upstream, jump in & just go with the flow, even in turbulent times.

8.     “My daddy works in Africa,” Cloe said.

Let’s do a Lion pose. I call it Sinha Asana.

Hurray for Marco! Lions are brave and have fierce roars. Marco encouraged us to feel and express our power and courage. He challenged us to be bold & overcome our fears.

9.     “My daddy is a Software Engineer,” Anushka said.

Let’s do a Meditation pose. I call it Sahaja Asana.

Hurray for Anushka! She taught us to be calm, relaxed and focused even in the office. We enjoy the present moment and let go off all our thoughts. As we do we reach the state of Office Nirvana!

10. “My daddy is a Baker,” Liz said.

Let’s do a Pretzel pose. I call it Ardha matseyendra Asana.

Hurray for Liz and the pretzels! Spine is the center of the body and the center of nervous system. Liz helped us practice the seated twists to release all kinds of tensions. Just as the body benefits, so does the mind, letting go of unnecessary thoughts & worries and becoming confident, open and alert.


A gentle introduction to a balanced yoga sequence for babies and toddlers is my Little Yoga. Practice is recommended with mom or dad. It’s easy and a great way to develop strength and suppleness. It will improve tbabies' and toddlers’ physical and mental concentration and increase their skills, self-awareness and  self confidence.

Babies and Toddlers are born flexible. They enjoy the animal role play, but may find balancing and relaxing more challenging in the beginning. These animal poses are designed for fun, so use them in a playful form and give your child a lot of encouragement as they practice Little Yoga!

Balancing poses like the tree makes them feel happy and strong. It aids in height gain. Some gentle and relaxing sequences presented here, help babies and toddlers to wind down before nap or bed time, by mimicking night time animals. Practicing the forward bends quiets the energies. Palming the eyes, end of the day is relaxing. A very restful bee breath is a soothing breathing technique.

With practice, Little Yoga can help to calm and relax babies and toddlers by encouraging moments of quietness and stillness.

Come, try with your baby or toddler!

My Yoga Baby.....

1. Wobbles like a little BIRD– Let’s become the happiest tree / One leg Tree pose

2. Smells the cold air like a WOLF – Let’s stand mighty tall and strong / Mountain Pose

3. Hangs down like a MONKEY – Let’s do a Forward bend / Standing Sun Pose

4. Spreads his arms like a BUTTERFLY – Let’s become a Flying eagle / Hand Arm flaps

5. Rotates neck like a PARROT – Let’s move neck in a circle / Neck Rolls

6. Wags his tail like a DOG – Let’s woof like a dog / Downward Facing Dog Pose

7. Hisses like a SNAKE – Let’s raise our head on belly / Cobra Pose

8. Flops down like a tired BUNNY – Let’s do a Kneeling forward bend / Hare Pose

9. Curls up like a sleeping MOUSE – Let’s curl up inside mom’s lap / Child Pose

10. Sniffs the night air like a little FOX – Let’s do a Kneeling Upward Stretch

11. Bends backward like a CAMEL – Let’s kneel backwards / Camel Pose

12. Curls up like a little PORCUPINE– Let’s get Knees to chest / Head of Knee Pose

13. Pushes his feet to the stars like a BEAR cub – Let’s raise legs upward / Plow Pose

14. Hangs upside down like a BAT – Let’s do a Forward Bend / Standing Sun Pose

15. Crouches like a FROG – Let’s squat / Frog Pose

16. Floats down like a dreamy MOTH – Let’s stick feet together / Diamond Pose

17. Swim like a FISH – Let’s arch back in lotus / Fish Pose

18. Stretches her back like a CAT– Let’s change from Cow to Cat / Cat Cow pose

19. Breathes like a LION – Let’s roar like a lion / Lion Pose

20. Blinks her eyes like an OWL – Let’s make Palm cups / Palming eye

21. Hums like a sleepy BEE – Let’s do a bee breath / Humming Breath

22. Drifts away on a cloud through the night – Says time for Rest / Corpse Pose
Practice Tips for Little Yogis:
1. Practice Yoga with bare feet on a non-slip surface or mat. Use a clear space and wear comfortable clothing.
2. Try not to practice Yoga immediately after eating lunch or dinner.
3. Practice with your parents or caregivers. It's fun to mimic them as they show you the steps.
4. Parents should use their own judgement about their child's ability and let the child move at his or her own pace. Giving the children support in poses when necessary is ideal.
5. Parents should encourage children to try poses but should refrain from making them reach perfection! Introduction to Yoga should be gentle, enjoyable and positive experience for little yogis.
6. Little Yogis should avoid forcing themselves in to a pose while mimicing the parent. Also do not hold any poses too long. Play around with the pose before you move to the next one.
7. Little Yogis should keep their breathing normal and not try to hold breath.
8. Little Yogis should not put weight on his or her head while doing  head on mat poses like downward dog pose. It's tempting, but please avoid.
9. Parents, be ready to catch your children when they try balancing poses.
10. A simple Yoga story 'I am the Happiest Tree' is put up here for you to read and get motivated.
Try, try and try and give your best shot. Practice will make you perfect.
I am sure, from Little Yogis you will turn to be Little Masters!