Yoga Classes

Weekday Classes:
Instructor: Heidi Stonier
While many classes today emphasize the physical aspect of yoga, focusing on stretch, strength and endurance, I adhere to its original purpose, which is balance and integration. A strong and healthy body is one important aspect of being human.  But we need more to be happy and even more to live happily together.  I believe in the transformative power of yoga where the whole human being develops.   

Meditation is the foundation of yoga. In meditation there is connection to a universal flow of energy or unifying force that calms the mind, nourishes the body and awakens the spirit. In my classes breathing techniques, yoga postures and movement are presented as a continuation of this flow of energy.  Staying in the flow helps make learning safe, enjoyable and effective. With a calm mind and awakened spirit, attention is moved to proper body alignment and core movement. Improved strength and flexibility are natural outcomes when body structures are aligned and movement comes from center.

I have taught dance, body awareness, anatomy and yoga for many years. I have studied different forms of Hatha yoga and been a daily practitioner of Sahaja Yoga for seventeen years.  My teaching and training includes a Bachelor Degree in Dance from Bennington College, a Master’s Degree in Dance, Health & Medicine from New York University, classes taught in New York, Paris and currently at Bergen Community College in New Jersey.  

Weekend Classes: The Yoga Lotus

Instructor: Priti Dhariwal


Welcome to
The Yoga Lotus

The Yoga Lotus offers yoga workshops at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Individuals, single or groups is personal preference. Special yoga workshops are Kids Yoga, Teen Yoga, Desktop Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga. All workshops include self exploration, which begins with warm-ups, yoga poses/asanas, flowing sequences/vinyaasas, breathing techniques/pranayaam & end in simple silent meditation. One whole session packed with this, is all connected with poses for grace and movement. 

All courses are for seven weeks. Each session is for 45 minutes. All of The Yoga Lotus sessions are ongoing. You could join in at anytime, depending on space availability. The spacing is limited to five students only.

Presently the classes are offered every Saturday and Sunday morning at 9:00 am.

Basic Rules for Participating in The Yoga Lotus  Classes:

1. It is your responsibility to consult and obtain consent from a physician prior to
and regarding your participation in The Yoga Lotus classes. It is your responsibility
to inform the Yoga instructor and your physician of any changes in your medical

2. Suitable clothing is advised. Track pants & Tees, jogging suits are examples.

3. Participants should bring non-skid mats, towels, tissues & water to each classes. 
4. The Yoga Lotus  recommends that participants maintain a regular medical check up to see for themselves how Yoga may be affecting their health within the medical parameters of concern (if any) or of those being monitored.
5. Participants are advised to come on an empty stomach. Kindly do not eat a heavy meal/breakfast, at least 1 hour prior to the Yoga session.  Drinking luke warm water is recommended half hour before the session.
6. Every participant enrolled is allowed 1 makeup class. Makeup classes could be the last Sunday of the course. Please check for availability & book in advance.
7. No hanging jewelry, watches, belts, jeans wear, fancy hair clips, socks are advised. Long hair should be pulled away from the face, to avoid distraction during class.
8. Please fill in the disclaimer form and email or print and give at the first class.
9. Kindly bring in appropriate fee (cash only), to the first class, to confirm your reservation
for future Yoga sessions. Please come 5 minutes prior.
10. Do not interrupt the instructor in between the classes. Your questions will be welcomed in the end of the session.

Disclaimer for The Yoga Lotus
Statement of Informed Consent
Important cautions

Please note the following important cautions before doing
The Yoga Lotus sessions:

Yoga classes are safe and beneficial, but like any other health and physical exercise program it needs to be practiced
judiciously, correctly and cautiously. No citing by
The Yoga Lotus classes to any health-related/medical/other information is intended to be a substitute for the professional judgment of a qualified health care provider.Not all exercise is suitable for everyone and this or any exercise program may result in injury. Consult with your doctor before you do Yoga Asanas and
Pranayama. To reduce the risk of injury, never force or strain yourself during any yoga asana or pranayama.
Women having periods should refrain from performing inverted poses, back bends or vigorous standing poses. Pregnant women should not perform abdominal twists, bends or tightening exercises. Yoga asanas are not recommended in the first
trimester for a expectant women. Those with special health considerations should consult their medical practitioner before performing any exercise.
The Yoga Lotus is not subject or liable to change the structure of the Yoga classes to suit individual needs. Not all presentations at The Yoga Lotus classes may be suitable for everyone. If pain is experienced anytime during the practice of Yoga or Pranayam, it should be stopped immediately and a qualified health care professional should be consulted.
The Yoga Lotus assume no responsibility and will not be liable for any harm, injury, damage known or unknown or otherwise, that may result from any tort, negligence or from a breach of an express or implied warranty, however caused or occurring during or after participation in The Yoga Lotus classes or while practicing anything presented therein. The creators, producers, performers of The Yoga Lotus cannot guarantee that this yoga asana and pranayama is suitable and safe for every individual.
By participating in The Yoga Lotus classes, the participant or the guardian who is responsible by law for the participant, hereby expressly and willingly assumes all risks, full responsibility and liability for participating and practicing anything
presented therein and forever waives and releases and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold
The Yoga Lotus and it’s instructor harmless from and against any and all injuries (including death), damages and any other claims or demands,
liabilities and settlements (including without limitation, legal and accounting fees) on or against
The Yoga Lotus or it’s instructor for losses or damages, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special
damages, personal injury/wrongful death, resulting from or alleged to result from participating in or practicing anything that is presented in
The Yoga Lotus classes. By signing this disclaimer, I, my heirs, or legal representatives, forever release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue The Yoga Lotus for any injury or death caused by their negligence or other acts. 
 Moreover, The Yoga Lotus, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to deny participation at any time The Yoga Lotus classes to any entity without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Priti Dhariwal

The Yoga Lotus

107 Valley Road, River Edge, New Jersey 07661 Ph:201-357-4959

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